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Why Consider Locum Tenens Employment

No matter where you are in your career, locum tenens employment can be a strong asset every step of the way. Whether you’re a new graduate or are ready to consider partial retirement, locum tenens work may be just what fills the bill. Here are just a few reasons people choose locum tenens:

“I Want to Build My Experience Base.”
An impressive CV is critical in getting the health care job you want. But no one starts out in any field having vast and varied experience. Locum tenens work is a great way to gain solid experience in a variety of clinical settings and build a job history that will get the attention of the right prospective employers.

“I Wonder What’s Around That Corner.”
Locum tenens employment is a wonderful way to broaden your horizons. Lived all your life in the Midwest, but curious about life on the East coast? Temporary assignments in other states can help you focus not only your career-related goals, but those related to the community in which you’d like to put down roots.

“I’d Like to Maximize My Earning Potential.”
Depending on your current goals, locum tenens employment may be the perfect way to augment your existing full-time job. Many full-time positions only require 12 shifts a month, so you may find that a short-term, part-time position helps you meet financial goals without conflicting with your permanent employment.

“I’d Like to Take a Test Drive, Please.”
You’re thinking about the possibility of joining an established practice in your town. You know both partners, and they seem simpatico… but what would it really be like to work with them? What about income? Will your assumptions exceed reality? Or suppose you’ve thought about joining the staff of a large hospital three states away. Is the environment there positive and upbeat? Will the schedules and patient load be what you expect? Will the move be worth it? Do you prefer the high-volume, high-intensity setting of a big-city trauma care unit, or the more laid-back pace of a small community hospital’s ER?

Test-driving a job situation through locum tenens employment is the perfect way to tell if it’s right for you before making a permanent commitment. If expectations do fall short, you’re able to move on at the end of a specified term with no awkwardness or hard feelings. Locum tenens placement helps you shop around for that ideal situation in terms of working relationships, income levels, schedules, patient loads, etc.

“I’m Just Not Ready to Retire.”
Years of building and managing a practice form a habit that’s hard to give up. Even though the day may come when you’re ready to enjoy some of the R and R you’ve put off for years, you may find that work in your profession still holds your interest and provides great satisfaction. Locum tenens employment is a perfect way to retain that sense of fulfillment, for as many (or as few) shifts per month as you choose.

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