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Fulfilling Your Locum Tenens Needs

If your practice has ever been left short-handed, you know the stress it can cause – increased workload on existing staff, potential risk to quality of patient care, loss of revenue – all reasons to solve that problem ASAP. But searching for the right personnel can be nearly a full-time job… and not one you’re prepared to focus on when you’re stretched thin to begin with. Partnering with a qualified locum tenens recruitment firm such as KPS Locums is the quickest way to remove those stressors and restore balance to your work environment.

KPS Locums is just the prescription you need to take the pain out of finding the right temporary personnel. First of all, we dedicate a locum tenens recruiter to your search who has expertise in the specialty you’re looking for. (Our recruiters have access an exceptional pool of board-certified physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, so the search process often takes less time than it would with a less-connected recruitment firm.)

Our initial screening and interviewing methods ensure that any face-time you spend with a potential employee is time well spent. Our comprehensive application process expedites credentialing, so the hiring process moves forward quickly and smoothly. From locating and presenting outstanding candidates to coordinating necessary travel and lodging, we handle the details.

There is no upfront fee to use our services. We charge a flat contingency when we have successfully facilitated a match. In certain cases, we even provide dedicated search services on a contingency arrangement.

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