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KPS Locums Provides Superior Locums Recruitment Services

At KPS Locums, we focus on placing physicians and mid-level medical professionals in locum tenens positions. Well versed in matching medical talent to opportunity, our staff has over 100 years of experience providing locum physician recruitment services. We do so with a high level of commitment to our physician, PA, and NP candidates and our clients. Our networking efforts are thorough, and a dedicated effort is put forth for each of our clients and candidates.

Your Locum Recruitment Partner

The goal at KPS Locums is to set the stage for an insightful conversation between our candidates and our hospital and group clients and keep physicians working. Our years of experience, thorough research, and attention to detail set us apart from other firms. We can facilitate an introduction in which the best assets of both candidates and clients are expressed in a positive and meaningful manner.

KPS Locums: A Personal Approach to Locum Tenens

At KPS Locums, we dedicate ourselves to being part of the solution to your physician staffing needs. We built our business by nurturing relationships with physicians, hospitals, and groups. Behind each of these relationships is our most valuable asset – our people. Warm, resourceful, and service-minded, we take a personal approach to staffing locum tenens positions. The same attentiveness, consideration, and support we show our locum physicians is also imparted in the development of our recruitment staff. Great people, well-equipped to serve you – that is the hallmark of KPS Locums.

Working closely with our sister company, KPS Physician Staffing, KPS companies are poised to handle all of your staffing needs. Our staff brings a combined 100 years of recruiting experience to the table, and our successful principles have remained constant throughout the years. We build our long term relationships on a foundation of service and integrity, solidifying the reputation for excellence you’ll come to expect from KPS Locums and KPS Physician Staffing.